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Vice President,
Nursing Consulting Services

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Executive Director,
Care Coordination/Clinical Integration

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Director, Nursing Consulting Services

Michele Mann

Director, Business Development

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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance Plan and HIPAA Certification Training

A compliance plan is designed to help a provider avoid and correct instances of noncompliance with state and federal laws and regulations. A compliance plan can help alleviate penalties if fraud or abuse is found. More importantly, a compliance plan demonstrates to the government that the provider is serious about compliance.

North American Tribal Organization will design a HIPAA compliance plan that is tailored to your specific organizational needs. HIPAA compliance is an important aspect of healthcare delivery compliance. North American Tribal Organization has extensive experience with all aspects of HIPAA compliance. These aspects include: Security Rule, Transaction and Code Sets Rule, Unique Identifiers Rule and Privacy Rule.

In addition, North American Tribal Organization also provides extensive workshops in HIPAA Certification training.