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Director, Revenue Cycle
Management Services

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Vice President of Operations

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Vice President,
Nursing Consulting Services

John Dunham RN, BS, MHA

Executive Director,
Care Coordination/Clinical Integration

Lyndsay Farnsworth RN, BSN

Director, Nursing Consulting Services

Michele Mann

Director, Business Development

Jenny Ghost Bear

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National Healthcare Federal Compliance Certification Training

During the past decade, healthcare compliance has become an integral part of all heathcare operations. The principle thrust in the implementation of compliance is the Office of Inspector General (OIG), part of the Department of Health and Human Services.

The OIG has developed compliance that is directed at a variety of areas in the healthcare industry as an effort to reduce fraudulent and abusive practices and the expenses associated with these behaviors. North American Tribal Organization can provide healthcare providers with internal controls to more effectively monitor adherence to applicable federal healthcare statutes, regulations and program requirements. These internal controls include identifying actions that require oversight and reasonable timelines to respond to potential deficiencies. 

 Components of an effective Compliance Plan include: